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“All Mexico flavors in a single can”.

We merge Artisanal Mezcal with the best pulps and fruit juices of our land.

We have created a Salamadre Cocktail with Mezcal.



Salamadre cocktail was made for make of your life a freshy moment.


It will turn your trips and your meetings into a life experience. Try it!


You and your friends with Salamadre could be the life of the party .

Flavor and Dedicate

We have merged Oaxacan Artisanal Mezcal with the best fruit extracts from our land, getting an explosion of unique flavor in the art of mexican cocktails.


Our Values

Day by day we strive to provide our customers with a great value product. We are Pioneers in the RTD (Ready to Drink) category. Our goal is to bring to the world and mexican markets an innovative option for tasting a canned mezcal cocktail.

Mango & Tamarind. Salamadre Cocktail with Mezcal.
Mango & Tamarind. Salamadre Cocktail with Mezcal.


We are 100% national mexican product with 750 code. We are proud of all our workers,suppliers and all manufacturer people who have been in charge of our growth and ours brand development.We have a special recognition for those who dedicate themselves to Jima. Jima is the process of cutting the leaves and roots of the agave, exposing the pineapple or the head. The first jima is made eight or ten years after planting. The pineapples are put into special mills to extract their juice. Each pineapple can weight between 10 and 330 pounds. 


“They are essential for trips with friends o parties. there are unique memories, without a doubt, I will buy Salamadre again”

Daniel Sánchez

“A Mezcal Cocktail that caresses the soul, envelops yourself in its flavors and it refreshes your heart as well”

Itzel Zepeda

“A freshy and innovative way of blending Mexico flavors with Mezcal

Aarón Aguirre

Let’s work together!

“The liquid gold in this earthly world is Mezcal”.