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How do you drink mezcal?

Served in a mezcal glass, the spirit of mezcal was created for the old-school purist, but how do you drink mezcal? , this clean and mystical elixir with a smoky flavor will take you up a notch after a hell of a day at work, in this article we will teach you how to do it like a pro, but if your knowledge of the spirits of Mexico begins and finish with the tequila, you must learn a few more things before having a glass of mezcal, will you join me?

The first time

Just like when we learn to walk before we run, consider trying mezcal first in a cocktail before jumping right in to sip on a straight shot. “Its earthy smoke lends itself well to all types of cocktails,” purists will call me sacrilegious, but once you’re ready it’s time to start the adventure.

Recognize their tones
Now that you have tried a little it is time to recognize the mezcal that you have in front of you, you must know it, sniff it slowly and then put a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub them until the mezcal dries, immediately place your hands on your nose and breathe deeply what do you recognize? In that breath you will be able to notice the true aromas of mezcal, what does it smell like? smoked? Wet earth? Tobacco? herbs? peach? What does your mezcal smell like? , take it easy and try again. Mezcal masters and experts can recognize the type of agave and the region from which the distillate comes. Do not despair if you do not recognize the tones of mezcal at first, try it a couple of times.

Mezcal is given kisses, not sips
Mezcal is never a baby in one sip, it is not water, mezcal is kissed, he who drinks it in one gulp does not know how to drink mezcal. You should serve it in a mezcal horse, then lift it to your lips and sip a little, say those who know that drinking by sip is to prepare the body for what it is about to receive. When you start, the first drink will usually taste like pure alcohol, but do not be fooled, it is until the third drink that you will begin to perceive the different tones of flavor.

Mezcals are smoked
Mezcal is different from other distillates for its smoky aroma and flavors, remember that in the production of mezcal pineapples are cooked in underground ovens, tequila is very different, since pineapples are steamed and therefore there are no notes smoked, but when the mezcal “smells a lot” it is considered defective. This is due to the fact that the pineapples were burned and the natural aromas were lost, the result: bad mezcal.

Mezcal is always transparent
Reposado or aged mezcal in wooden barrels are not appreciated by a good mezcalero, if you find a mezcal of this type do not get carried away by its high price, among mezcaleros it is considered that aging in wooden barrels spoils the flavor and aroma of a good mezcal, however, the same does not happen with mezcals that rest in glass, they do not acquire the flavor or color of wood, in areas like Michoacán the añejos are left underground for 9 or more months, the flavor improves a lot , but the color does not change, this mezcal will taste very different, you will see.

Mezcal con Sal

Summing up and just to be clear:

  • If you have not had mezcal before, do not start with the strongest, a good bartender or mezcal master will know how to guide you
  • Check the bottle, the name of the mezcal master who made the distillation should appear, the degrees of alcohol that must be above 45%, although if you are in Colombia you can possibly get bottles from 36%. degrees, mezcal is bad, do not drink it.
  • It is best to take young or white mezcal, that is, transparent, avoid aged or rested mezcal.
  • Before taking it, you should smell it deeply, distinguish the aromas, take a little between your palms and rub it, you should notice smoky tones.
  • Preferably avoid reducing the flavor with orange, lemons or chili salt, enjoy it pure
    -If you do not want to make faces, much less cough when drinking mezcal, let out a light breath, the mezcal masters say that whoever makes “faces” is because he does not have peace of mind.
  • And finally, Never take a mezcal in a single drink or “shot”, mezcal is kissed, remember that to reach you they had to spend years of maturation, do not waste it.

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